The Malcolm Island Arts Society (TMIAS) is here to support and promote the arts on Malcolm Island on the coast of British Columbia through funding and year-round programming.

Its vision is to foster a healthy community through creativity in the arts. It emerged in 2014 from volunteers who regularly came together to produce Malcolm Island’s long-standing community arts weekend, The Sointula Winterfestival.

Winterfestival has grown over its forty years as a favoured arts and crafts market and in varying years has included comedy, music, writing, clowning, and a mad array of creative workshops.  With the growth of the festival, there has been outreach to others working in the creative fields beyond Malcolm Island. 

Professionals in theatre and the visual arts, music and literature now come regularly to the island year-round, affording a critical cross-pollination that keeps our creative inspirations imaginative and our technical skills sharp.  Its on-going programming is geared toward all ages and arts disciplines and strives to be inclusive.

The Board draws from the island population and is always keen to share the joy of volunteering  with new members.  As a not-for-profit entity, TMIAS relies on provincial and federal funding to assist with its mandate. It also gratefully acknowledges the generosity of local sponsors and support from business and community members who always seem to find another loonie to put toward a bid.

The little village of Sointula on Malcolm Island has a unique history of community solidarity going back well over a hundred years. TMIAS is yet another iteration of that Finnish  ‘sisu’ to thrive.